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Implementing a Derivatives Contract Data Management Solution –
7 Key factors to watch out for

This white paper highlights seven key factors that need to be considered while making the business case for derivatives data management in a financial services enterprise.

Everyone agrees that having a sound derivatives contract data management program today in a financial firm is not just desirable, it’s essential. But what should it be comprised of? This new white paper by Innodata docGenix we address the pitfalls, opportunities, and best practices when considering and implementing a contract data management solution.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Ways to define the scope of a derivatives contract data management system so that it solves your key business issues
  • Potential pitfalls while making a business case for implementing a derivatives contract data management solution
  • How to avoid expense problems like changing regulations, amendments, ISDA protocols etc

Get critical information on 7 key factors that you should consider while implementing a derivatives contract data management system. Download your copy of this white paper today →

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